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Tyler G. Hickss
Home Based Business Opportunities From Around The World Plus Candid Opinions On More Than 400 Different Opportunities.
40 Years Of Business Experience To Help You!

After Testing Hundreds of Opportunities, Only a Few Created a Solid Six Figure Income.  

Real Estate Gurus

Tyler G. Hicks is a real estate consultant. His strategies are world-renowned and he is popular among wealth builders. He is the President of International Wealth Success, Inc. He lives in Rockville Center, New York. Although he has authored many books on the real estate investing, his most famous book is How to Make One Million Dollars in Real Estate in Three Years Starting with No Cash. Hicks has been writing books for over forty years covering different topics like grants, mail order, franchising, government money, and home-based businesses, to name a few. However, his favorite topic is real estate. He started writing about real estate around 25 tears ago.

Tyler G. Hicks’s books on real estate concentrate on different topics like mortgaging out, buying foreclosures, no-money-down, zero-cash, different real estate properties, financing options, etc. He advises investing in good and bad financial times. Of course, Hicks hints at using other additional materials like kits, newsletters, and books to gain better knowledge about real estate investments. He also holds real estate seminars regularly as International Wealth Success.

Tyler G. Hicks in his book - How to Make One Million Dollars in Real Estate in Three Years Starting with No Cash divulges secrets of investing in hard times. He also foresees future market trends and accordingly advises strategies for successful investments and building up real estate riches. His book is full of many useful charts, tables, case studies, checklists, and proven techniques. He details a stepwise procedure for starting with nil cash, choosing correct deals, bidding on foreclosures, and then finally turning mortgage to your benefits. His systematic procedure builds up confidence in even a newbie. He also highlights how you can slowly come out of the daily and monotonous routine of office. This acts as a guide to many enriching real estate investments of the twenty-first century.

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