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Russ Dalbey
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I bought Russ Dalbey note buying course a few months ago. I have already had two salesmen calling me to try to get me to invest in more training and materials. His $99.00 course is simply a teaser to get you to buy more.

He is selling a course teaching people to hunt down and act as a broker to sell notes. After talking to several people who have purchased his course, this is the way that I understand it. The ANN site includes a free note listing service that led me to conclude that ANN was teaching this information to build up a network of "scouts" to bring them business so that they could purchase these allegedly valuable notes. It sounds like a smart move for ANN and the "scout" still makes a fine profit. After further investigation of the site I believe there's excessive pricing going on for other products that would help the course's buyers to get going in this business.

Some examples are:
A collection of 50 management documents for around $200.
A bi-monthly e-zine for around $125.
A booklet that teaches would-be investors to use a calculator for around $39.95.
There are many others available. Now, if selling booklets is one's primary business then I am all for it. However, one would think that, if selling notes is so lucrative, ANN would sell this information more reasonably. This would mean more people out there scouring courthouses for notes, more people posting these valuable notes on ANN's website, and more notes for ANN's note-savvy big wigs/top dogs to capitalize on.

Below is a quote from one of my sources who actually bought and tested out Russ Dalbey's system.
"I bought into the Russ Dalbey course. Of course I can't get my refund back on it because it took the whole 90-day money back period to figure out his program. It's set up that way so they can keep your money. During that time I let them talk me into getting a website. It cost me $900.00 extra dollars. Well, I'm getting all of my money back or I turn them into the Federal Trade Commission. If that doesn't work, I will sue them, if that doesn't work, I will pull a network of people together to expose that crook through 60 Minutes. I hope that answers anyone's questions." Source: Harold Luce, November 11, 2002,

Another had this to say:
"I purchased the Russ Dalby's 'Winning In The Cash Flow Business" in January of 2003. I have no training in real estate or note purchasing or selling, and was having difficulty understanding much of it. Only later did I realize their course materials are specifically designed to that additional products, services, and/or training were needed - at GREAT additional expense. The original purchase is woefully inadequate for a "beginner."

What I received were some glossy brochures and books, a video, and two CD ROMs. However, I was unaware that what I purchased was merely a small portion of what is required to operate this "business." I am very embarrassed and ashamed that I fell for the infomercial and many of their sales pitches, but I'm angry enough to bite the bullet and share this information so that others don't follow in my footsteps and find themselves broke, bankrupt or worse!

I was repeatedly contacted, both by America's Note Network (ANN) and a company with whom they contract, PMI or PMI/Mustang to purchase additional tools and or training, ALL of which they insisted were REQUIRED TO BE SUCCESSFUL. All of them used extremely high-pressured sales tactics, (the offer expires at midnight tonight, etc.) one of them even went so far as to suggest I take a mortgage out on my house for FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Others suggested I use my credit card to utilize a business practice they call OPM or using Other People's Money to "invest in myself."

After about 10 calls, I decided I'd had enough and requested a refund in March 2003. Instead of a refund, I was offered a mentoring program they call Protégé (a 300 dollar value, supposedly, but given to me at no charge.) Protégé turned out to merely be another method they utilize to sell additional products and services. Protégé is also their way of preventing people from getting a refund. When I requested a refund a second time (via email, April 2003), they blocked my email address and I am no longer able to contact them by that means.

I do believe they are shady and unethical, and as some others on your site have mentioned, if selling notes were so successful, why is Russ Dalby selling course materials instead of real estate notes? Out of some altruistic gesture to share his wealth and knowledge? Please! The ONLY "cash flow" going on with Russ Dalby is from you to him. It's all about him achieving HIS financial dreams, not you achieving yours (or mine.)" Source: Wesley Ford, March 20, 2003
It goes without saying, that I don't recommend Russ Dalby or his Note Network. I personality have bought and sold notes and I feel that it can be a very good business.

There very few things around today that will allow the average person to really get rich. Real Estate is one of those things. In case you didn't know it there have been more millionaires created because of real estate than any other business.

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