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Mentoring Programs (Prosper/PMG)
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Real Estate Gurus

AKA: PMG; ; Professional Marketing Group;; Energy Professional Marketing Group
Have you been "Interviewed" for the "privilege to be accepted" in a Mentoring Program by your favorite Guru:

Robert G Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Nightingale-Conant, Shawn Casey, Dolf de Roos, Theodore Hansson, Bruce A. Berman, Michael Kimble Group M Marketing, John Dessauer, John Cummuta, Adam Ginsberg, American Home Business Association,  The Learning Annex, Jack Brannelly, etc.....

If So, WATCH OUT! The above companies OUTSOURCE THEIR CLIENT NAMES to Prosper Learning (formally known as PMG Mentors) who will contact you to sell their mentoring programs directly!

Listed below are Unsolicited emails:

Hi. I signed up for Mr. Allen's mentor program...surprisingly a company called Professional Mentoring Group ( from Utah) was responsible for contacting me, they assigned a mentor who seemed to be a frustrated old real estate agent. After three weeks I learned nothing, the "consultant" was useless, just making me waste my time and avoiding straightforward questions.

Finally I decided to try to cancel, but after they threatened me several times I went to the BBB and then they finally accepted my cancellation request, but with no refunds. The way they managed to call me and communicate with me after my decision to cancel made me feel that I was dealing with the mafia...

At the end I lost $1,500 and a very good amount of time, this company PMG is absolutely unprofessional and they have no intention to make you wealthy.

Source: Email on 4/18/04 by Sergio Lozoya

I did the PMG internet program - I am very disappointed and feel cheated by this company. I'll tell you what happened.

1st - Their advertising emails and videos suggest you are signing up for Robert Allenís program where Robert Allen says he's going to work with you personally and then introduce you to top people to get you on your way - you will major in one subject and you will also learn 3 others from people who are making it big. Not true!

Not True - You are given a phone number to "Start Today!" after calling the number you get someone who congratulates you in your choice to be a success (hype) and then eventually wants to know if you want a program that is Aggressive, moderate or conservative - what this means is that if you want to give them 10,000 your aggressive, 5,000 - moderate 3000 - conservative. (they will also finance you for 15%)

OK ready to start - Just one more for you to sign certifying that You are not being deceived in any way. - Stop and think for a second - If your being deceived then you don't know your being deceived so what does signing anything have to do with it? You'll find out later.

They then proceed to get you to put down a large sum of money on your credit card telling you that part of being a success is using the opm formula which they tell you OPM means "Other peoples Money" (hype) don't let them fool you into thinking that charging your credit card is using other peoples money - It's Your Money!

They get rich on Your Money!

Did you ever stop to think "what is this mentor doing making money teaching all these customers on the phone all day long if he can really make me a millionaire what happened to him.

Test it out ask your coach how much he makes/month. Ask him to show you a copy of his tax return for proof.

OK Next you get 6 - 10 coaching session that last exactly 30 minutes each and if you average out your cost they are charging you could spend anywhere from $200 - who knows/hour for information they read out of some training book that goes along with their website.

Then there are the teleconferences which turn out to be either hype, dreamy information you can't use like the hour lecture on how you can make millions of dollars on eBay or they are really an introduction to another "Guru's" system that he will let you in on for a discounted price i.e. sales pitch to get more of your money.

Also - on their instructional website they will set you up with a web host (them) for only an additional 39.99/month - since you don't know any better and they tell you to do this right away you go ahead in search of your success to find out later there are tons better web hosts starting at 7.95/mo (like ipowerweb) that have a lot more to offer. Oh well its only money right?

An so it goes - sign up for your merchant account at Echo (please look into how much more they charge then other merchant accounts) - and you can click through this special link we have given you to use Elance to help you out (they get referral bonuses on everything you sign up for because all the links they give you are affiliate links of their own - another profit scheme to get rich on OPM - other peoples money or can we say YM - your money).

Next - so after the one week they give you to find a product to sell your off and running (out of money) on your way to success.

You are excited by the new tele-seminars and the 30 minute coaching sessions your really on your way - focused on success! After trying to build your own website you may decide it's not your cup of tea so you know what you can call up their design team and they will design one from one of their templates for you for a price.

After your 8 or so coaching sessions are over (that's a total of 4 hours over 2 months) your on your own! Just contact so and so if you need any more help for the next 6-8 months. BYE!

It's then that you realize all they taught you is on the internet for free and you've been seriously overcharged and deceived by these "nice people."

I contacted Robert Blackman who had mailed me another promotional email for the program and when I spoke with him he said something had gone wrong with my account and that I was handed off to PMG their sister company and that I was supposed to receive more then what I did. So he said if I give them over $3,000 more I could enter the program that I had applied for. He said he would call me back with information about what went wrong with my account - He never did.

If this sounds like a good time to you - Go Ahead take the PMG plunge!

The first time I emailed them to cancel the program and the monthly charge on my credit card they just ignored my email that is until I called my credit card company the next month and you know what they found my email and wanted to agree to my original terms as long as I sign a document saying they get to keep all the money they have taken from me so far.

I guess this was my Internet Beginners Initiation.

There are lots of people trying to get OPM out there on the internet - Just don't become one of them.

Now that I know a little more I would recommend (as I have seen others on this website) to check out and find the legitimate people out there who give you something of substance for your money.

Don't be fooled they also want to sell you as much of their stuff as possible - the difference is that they are selling something of substance not just taking advantage of you ignorance.
Source: Email from Jonathan B. Reichler, New York, New York, 11/2/04 to

My name is Stanley Pier and I had a couple of dealings with Lou Vukas in 2002. I had purchased one of his courses back then and actually got a lot of good information out of it. It was professionally written and I did not see SPELL CHECK errors with in the ebooks that I had purchased. During the evaluation period I was able to personally email Lou and he would return my emails just as he promised.

About 2 weeks into receiving the course a company called PMI called me and wanted me to enroll into their mentoring course. They explained that they were an extension to Lou Vukas and RealEstateFortunes. This got my interest and they signed me up for a little over $1450.00. They also said I had a 7 day period to where I can cancel and get my money returned to me. On the first phone call from my mentor I could tell this was something I didnít want so I called and emailed PMI on the 6th day and wanted to cancel. According to the sales person who did not return my phone call until the 14th day he explained that it was too late and that I wouldnít receive a refund of my money.

I was quite angry due to the email trail that I had so I emailed Lou about my issue and what I had done. Lou wrote back and explained to me that he personally didnít have anything to do with PMI but that they were a mentoring extension of the business end. I had explained to Lou that they were using his name and giving him a bad rap. Lou said he would try to do what he could for me but couldnít guarantee a result for me since he did not have any say in the matter of PMI.

Within 30 days of hassling with PMI, I received a refund crediting my credit card the full amount of money PMI charged me. If it werenít for Lou I probably would not have received a credit back to my card. I have done anything with real estate since then but if I were to start again it will be with Lou Vukas and Real Estate Fortunes.

Thank you,
Source: Stanley A. Pier

My Name is Dan Erbele I live in Clarksville, IN.  I have a possible problem that I do not know how to deal with. The problem involves a company by the name of and possible subsidiary of Robert Allen. I have shelled out $7505.00 for manuals and a ten week coaching session with this company to show me how to get into the business of real estate investing. First off I have been blessed with A.D.D., that's attention deficient disorder. I take medication for it but it is still very difficult to concentrate on just about everything I do. I am a very passionate individual and I truly do want to get into real estate investing so that I do not have to spend the rest of my life working for someone else. The materials I have received from this company are full of grammatical and spelling errors. The coaching sessions last about forty minutes once a week. This company is very good at the whole pump you up, remove the fear factor psychobabble stuff. Student care tells me things like Dan you've only been through five weeks of coaching and you shouldn't know everything yet and shouldn't be making any deals yet. I have called them several times trying to cancel but always wind up staying the course. I feel as though the money I have paid far outweighs the service I have received. I feel as though I am running out of time. Once the coaching sessions end, that's it I should be ready to go. My biggest blockage to this course and everything in life it seems is MONEY. I do not have it, and I do not like to count credit cards and loans from the bank as money. This is all just more debt they call it OPM or other peoples money!

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