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Michael Masterson
Home Based Business Opportunities From Around The World Plus Candid Opinions On More Than 400 Different Opportunities.
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Offline Personality

Michael Masterson is considered one of the world’s top copywriters. He has made a lot of money using his writing skills. He has authored several successful sales copies.

Michael Masterson’s career in writing spans for almost fo years. He has taken only two breaks during these four decades, each lasting for two years. The first break came after a stint with the Peace Corps where he developed a liking for teaching and an appreciation for relative values. He took his second break at the age of 39 after retiring from the $100 million-plus business that he built with his partner.

Michael Masterson’s writings have a huge loyal following. You can read his writings in his e-newsletter that is available at It has helped more than 400,000 individuals in realizing their financial goals. He provides ways to investors to attain financial independence through his book ‘Automatic Wealth: The Six Steps to Financial Independence’. This book aims at providing solutions that lasts a lifetime.

Michael Masterson built dozens of successful businesses during his career. Two of those have grown beyond $100 million. He has owned and managed many companies of varied nature and structure.

Besides being a copywriter and an entrepreneur, Michael Masterson is also a great instructor. He offers techniques to other copywriters about how to make it big. Many people have benefited from his tips on sales letters and envelope formatting. These things may look simple, but they can be crucial in maximizing the appeal of your sales letters.

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