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Ed Beckley
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Most people I've talked to refer to Ed Beckley as a genuine con artist. Ed Beckley is famous for his package entitled, "Ed Beckley's Home Study Course of No Down Payment Real Estate."

Unfortunately, this advice comes a little late to protect you from Ed Beckley, but there's always that next time you feel tempted to buy into something that sounds unbelievably tempting. Maybe this advice below can help you to avoid future scams.

When the postcard invitation arrived in the mail, it seemed like a great source for stories for the Home Office column. After all, the company is called "Home Business Technologies, Inc." One would think the seminar might include products and ideas to use at home when telecommuting or starting a business. Wrong.

Here is one persons review of Ed Beckley:

"I arrived at the Sheraton a few minutes late Thursday afternoon. I expected to see a large room of home office equipment and maybe some booths scattered throughout with different home office experts. However, after I made my way down a few corridors, handed my invitation to a smiling woman, and pressed a sticky name tag on my sweater, I entered a large conference room of people and took a seat. I seriously paused for a moment to wonder if I had found the wrong seminar, because this immediately had a fake, oily, Susan Powter infomercial feel to it. I consoled myself by remembering my invitation being taken without a problem and decided the man speaking up front was just introducing the seminar and telling us what we would be doing that afternoon.

Two hours later I was still sitting, wondering when we would start talking about computers and modems and telecommuting. Our speaker was currently going over techniques that would enable us to get rich quick, such as real estate deals and government auctions. I began to think I would return story-less, until I returned to the office to hear the Better Business Bureau placed an alert on the Home Business Technologies, Inc. Company.


While at the seminar attendees were commanded to write, "Work smart, not hard." Apparently, that's the philosophy of the Home Business Technologies, Inc. company. President Ed Beckley and his "followers" have allegedly managed to unload 10,000 Iowa consumers of $295 each for a package entitled, "Ed Beckley's Home Study Course of No Down Payment Real Estate." Those Iowans who demanded a full refund only received $10 of it before Beckley filed for bankruptcy.

This very same company had enough nerve to try their scam again in Colorado Springs. It was eerie to watch my fellow audience members being sucked into the dream of getting rich quick. I could actually feel the apprehension begin to dissipate as our speaker, a "self-made" man named Paul, related his hard-luck life story and his savior, Ed Beckley. The audience gradually relaxed, chuckled, and began to participate by raising their hands in answer to his questions, falling right into his clutches. As he teased us with stories of huge money-making deals and schemes, which did sound good, I must admit. But, as I later found out, it was indeed too good to be true.

Beckley's OPM tapes at 295.00 a clip were ridiculous enough, but then to make matters worse, there was this guy named time now speaking to all of us in the audience. This Tim guy encouraging all who listened to apply for NO LESS THAN 202 visa cards is too much. I would love to see someone try to walk into a bank at 10 minutes to closing and demand $1000.00 on each one of 200 visas. I have never known a bank to grant more than 300.00 per card per visit. And even if the bank went for this, it would be financial suicide due to annual charges and loan shark interest rates.

So it sounds like big Ed's scam didn't work to well. I've heard from extremely reliable sources that Ed Beckley recently declared bankruptcy. Serves him right for scaming everyone. "

There very few things around today that will allow the average person to really get rich. Real Estate is one of those things. In case you didn't know it there have been more millionaires created because of real estate than any other business.

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