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Mike Enos
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Mike Enos sells goods worth over $300, 000 annually on which makes him one of the highly successful eBay vendors. Mike has not limited himself to generating high sales on eBay but has also started a parallel business where he helps other eBay sellers to get more out of their enterprise. He promotes various tips and suggestions on how to sell better on eBay via his weekly newsletter.

Why would people want to believe what Mike has to say about selling at eBay? This is a simple question to answer. Mike Enosís personal success at eBay is all people need to have faith in him. In fact, Mike has even made his eBay ID known to his readers in order to establish a relationship of trust and credibility.

Since Mike belongs to the category of eBay Platinum PowerSeller, his website is also named PlatinumPowerSeller. Mike provides an interesting affiliate program for people who are convinced about his skill sets and would like to offer a link from their website. Mikeís tips are aimed at various levels of eBay users. A beginner at eBay would find Mikeís tip useful and a seasoned hand at eBay would also find Mikeís recommendations useful.

Ebay has been a successful bet for many people who are working from home and Mike has also shipped over twelve thousands packages from the comfort of his house. Mike also participates as speaker on events sponsored by eBay. Mikeís newsletter is quite popular with entrepreneurs wanting to achieve the same level or higher level of success that Mike has already achieved.

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